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What is your policy on drugs?
The use or selling or distribution of drugs is strictly prohibited. Anyone found to be in breach of this strict rule will be required to leave the venue immediately and will be barred from all future events. Any contribution to party costs will not be refunded.

What is your policy on smoking?
We respect an individual’s choice, so a dedicated smoking area is provided, but smoking is banned from all other areas of the venue.

Do you sell alcohol?
We do not sell alcohol but you are welcome to bring your own and store it in our kitchen fridge. Anyone who becomes strongly under the influence of alcohol and whose behaviour becomes offensive to others will be required to leave the venue immediately.

Can I stay overnight?
We are unable to provide overnight accommodation, but there are a number of reasonable priced hotels in the local area. An early booking with them is highly recommended.

Can I park nearby?
There is a limited amount of street parking in the local area.

Do you provide lockers?
Sorry, no lockers are available at the venue.

Do you provide a shower?
Yes, both a shower and a bathroom are available for your use.



I am new and nervous, how will I mingle?
Don’t worry, all our parties are really sociable. Everyone is a little nervous on the first time and we will always try to introduce you to other party goers. When you arrive you will be given a tour of the building and facilities and an explanation of any rules. The golden rule is to be completely natural as everyone can see through false bravado. Talk and chat as you would if you met friends in a local pub, and feel free to ask someone if they would like to play a little. No offense will ever be taken at such a question, but we each have our own preferences so don’t be concerned if you receive an occasional polite rejection.

How much ‘heavy petting’ can I do with my partner?
We believe in your right to freedom of expression, and heavy petting is to be expected at adult parties. However we ask you to be considerate of others, and if you wish to be particularly intimate you may wish to adjourn to one of the more private areas where there are no restrictions.

Do I have to get involved in sexual activity?
Absolutely not! Our parties are primarily social events, but where adults can become more intimate if they wish. You do not have to do anything that you do not wish to, and quite a few people come to our parties just to watch others. If you are a couple we recommend that you discuss and agree your boundaries before you arrive to avoid any uncomfortable situations.

Do I have to remove my clothes?
Absolutely not! It is quite unusual for anyone to remove their clothes in our reception and lounge areas (although it has been known!). The removal of clothing is generally more usual in the private play areas.

What is your view on safe sex?
We always advocate safe sex, but ultimately the decision on how to practice sex is down to each guest. We do not accept any responsibility whatsoever for any intimate diseases that may be passed between guests.

Can I take photographs?
The general rule is ‘no’ as the privacy of all guests is of paramount importance. However, there may be certain circumstances where consenting adults wish to record their moments of pleasure.

How much does it cost to attend?
We do not charge ‘fees’ for entry to parties, but the costs of maintaining the house, heating, lighting, cleaning and refreshments are considerable. It is therefore usual to request a contribution from guests to defray these costs. The costs will vary from party to party depending upon the facilities on offer and will be published before each event.

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